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Re: PSY - Gangnam Style (South Korean smash single)

Originally Posted by kwilliams View Post
Oh, I can't remember. She was about to start the job as I was leaving. Yeah, she has pretty good hours too, which makes the commute easier for her and her apt in Hongdae is right by the station. I think she can take the AREX line, not sure. That was only finished shortly before I left so I only took it the morning that I was leaving! It's funny that you got there in April. I spent 3.5 years there over a four year period and I left on April 1st! So, if you live in Dongincheon, are you close to Wolmido or China Town?

Actually, a Korean friend of mine here in Dublin goes to the other Inha, the one my friend doesn't teach at so I have a couple of connections to Inha. She's studying to become a dietician. Maybe that's associated with the hosp.
AREX line is great if you live on the Incheon Subway 1 line. I'm on Seoul line 1, so I have to transfer at Bupyeong to get up to Gyeyang and catch the AREX... not worth the hassle. But yeah, I got here at the very end of April and my orientation was essentially in Chinatown. It's probably a ten minute walk from my apartment. I just have to walk through Jayu Park and I'm there. My school is basically in the park. Wolmido is close too, but I haven't checked it out yet.

Did you work public school or hagwon while you were here? (Assuming you were teaching ESL...)
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