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Originally Posted by elle-marie View Post
Debby. Yes, long time.
I'm ok, how are you?
I'm working now, a lot of work there.
But I'm so glad for Ju, this's so great news!

OMG, almost forgot. I'm happy for Andy too! Olympic Gold and the first Grand Slam title! Yeeeeeees!!!
Congrats, Debby.
I am doing great !
awwww Are you happy in your own life though???
Yes this is such a great new ! We all know how much Justine wanted to be a mom, it was her biggest dream, she was so happy for Kim, hoping that one day she would experience motherhood too...

THANK YOU !!!!! I was so damn happy Even cried of joy lmao.

btw still watching Gossip Girl ? I won't tune in for the 6th season. Hated the last episode of season 5 so much.

Originally Posted by vejh View Post

This was taken last week. Can you see the little bulge she is trying to hide? Frankly she always had a little
the guy behind

awwww yes she has some belly It's cute

Give back 2006 US Open to Justine

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