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Re: Greg Garber(ESPN): "Petra Kvitova - the biggest disappointment"

Originally Posted by justineheninfan View Post
Just like you called those of us who were predicting Wozniacki to drop out of the top 3 a troll, and she drops right out of the top 10 instead. Also your stating those of us who predicted Wozniacki's 2010-2011 results would be her career were idiots, who is the idiot now, LOL! (PS- dont even try coming back with some Kvitova fanboy rebuttal with me as I dont give a dang one way or the other about Petra as my posts on her indicate).
I just noticed the quote on your sig.

bad rep from MarineBlue on June 30, 2012: "You hate Woz because she reached the heights which Henin never has and never will, live with it, troll."
Did Marine BlueBeard really say that to you or about Justine/Woz?

If so, it shows the idolatry, idiocy, and all out worship of Caro and her 2 cent number one status her devotees go to church with and hang on to at the House Of Woz.

My god!
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