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Re: Says Azarenka, Serena is the greatest player of all time

Record Comparison:

Serena Williams---Career Record 549-108
Martina Navratilova---Career Record 1449-219
Chris Evert---Career Record 1309-145
Steffi Graf---Career Record 900-115

Martina has twice as many losses, but nearly 3 times as many wins as Serena. She has played in OVER 1,000 more matches than Serena! Sorry, but injuries? Martina played 1000 more SINGLES matches...don't forget about the fact that she played doubles week in and week out too.

Chris has 760 MORE wins than Serena, but only 38 MORE losses.

Steffi has 351 MORE wins than Serena, but only 7 MORE losses.

Title Comparison:

Serena: 45
Steffi: 107
Chris: 154
Martina: 167

Everyone has more than DOUBLE Serena's titles, with Chris and Martina having comfortably more than TRIPLE (and almost QUADRUPLE) the number of titles that Serena has.

Simply put, Serena does not have the longevity, the consistency, nor the numbers to be consider the "GOAT". People want to claim injury or the "depth and aggressive training" that are necessary to be successful today, and I agree to a certain point, but you can't make that argument work against those numbers. You can't tell me that Martina Navratilova or Steffi Graf were not working out constantly and putting themselves through a pounding. Serena often got injured due to her own lack of preparation and training. It is no secret that Serena lacked motivation at times (why should she motivated when she is head and shoulders above the competition?).

Sure, Serena could compete and be VERY successful against the other greats, especially if they were asked to come to the future and use new technology (it'd be a different story if Serena went back in time). But we can't honestly compare different generations because technology has improved and the game is constantly evolving and changing. If you look at the names that Chrissie lost to in her grandslams, though, and compare them to Serena's losses, you will again see that Serena has some poor unaccountable losses.

All this being said, I don't think it is fair to judge Serena against the GOATs. Like I said before, generations cannot and should not be compared. Serena is the GREATEST of her generation, no ifs, ors, ands or buts about it! Serena decided to have other interests outside of tennis, and that maybe cost her some in her tennis accomplishments, but ultimately she's done with the game of tennis, I think it will help her in the long run. I think we should just congratulate Serena on being the GREATEST of her GENERATION, and leave it at that----cheer her on while she is still out there, like all the players mentioned in this thread, she has progressed the game of tennis.

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