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Re: Music Thread

Originally Posted by DownInAHole View Post
Generally Overkill and Ace of Spades are hailed as Motorhead's two best albums. Give them a listen, if you don't enjoy them it is probably fair to say that you will not enjoy anything else by them.
Aye, I gave some of it a try, it's aight. Probably not my personal kinda thing though.

If you haven't heard it definitely give Weezer's first album a listen. It's a lot more poppy and "straight" than Pinkerton which is kind of their "weird" album but a lot of people consider it their best and most of their subsequent albums have been lesser versions of the first one. You may also be interested in Return of the Rentals which was a side project by the bass player (Matt Sharp).
The first Weezer record, or at least, some of its songs, was where I started with them. It's only after I've got more into Pixies that I noticed their influence, especially on tracks like Undone (The Sweater Song). My Weezer thing may be largely a passing phase though. I tend to go through those.

I'm a horrible Canadian as I don't listen to many native bands. Maybe Sloan? They are kind of in a similar vein to Teenage Fanclub. The first album (Smeared) was kind of My Bloody Valentine influenced, after that they moved into a power pop sound. I would recommend Twice Removed, One Chord to Another, Navy Blues or Between the Bridges. I still really like the second Philosopher Kings album (Famous, Rich and Beautiful) but that is much more in the pop/funk vein. A buddy of mine is a big fan of Matt Mays. He kind of sounds like early seventies Neil Young and maybe Tom Petty. Matt Mays + El Torpedo is probably his best album. I quite liked the first album by Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars (Planet: Fame). Glam rock with a bit of punk mixed in. Nothing groundbreaking but it was refreshing to hear something like that when it was first released roughly ten years ago. I'm probably forgetting some obvious picks here. I never really saw the appeal but bands like the Tragically Hip and Blue Rodeo have been very popular in Canada for years without really having any significant success outside the country. Sigh, I'm not doing a very good job of selling my people, if the fine folks at the Canadian Tourism Commission read this post they would strongly consider evicting me from the country.
There's a lot of stuff there to check out. I'll give some of it a go and find out how I get on. Cheers

Originally Posted by TennisFan66 View Post
Canadian bands ... I listen to a lot of Saga in my youth. Yep. I am sure most of you will have to google them #generationgap
Just gave a bit of their stuff a try. Intersting that Jimmie mentioned Genesis since they don't seem that far distant musically from each other.

Originally Posted by Chrissie-fan View Post
I like pop/rock/soul and the rest of it, but also jazz. And I'm in a big way into classical music, including opera as well.
Would that include a certain Miles Davis?
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