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Re: The 2012 Blackjack Tour - Tashkent top 3 set, Quebec entries

US Open values and standings

(3-6): Wickmayer, Hradecka, Barthel, Wozniak, Zahlavova-Strycova
2: Oprandi

Cswab22: 6-21
Barthel / Hradecka
(3-6) / (3-6)

Cibulkova / Wickmayer TB: Zahlavova-Strycova
/ (3-6) TB: (3-6)
Cibulkova (Martic)/ Wickmayer TB: Barthel
/ (3-6) TB: (3-6)
Cibulkova (Martic)/ Wickmayer TB: Watson
/ (3-6) TB: 2
Imperfect Angel
Cibulkova (Martic)/ Wickmayer TB: Oprandi
/ (3-6) TB: 2

Cibulkova (Martic) / Hradecka
/ (3-6)

Cibulkova (Mona Barthel) / Wozniak TB: Wozniak
/ (3-6) TB: (3-6)
The Crow
Cibulkova (Barthel) / Wozniak TB: Wickmayer
/ (3-6) TB: (3-6)

Updated after the first round except Cibulkova's match.

The top seed opening round will be played later today, but all the other picks advanced regularly to the second round. Postalblowfish and Imperfect Angel are out by TB player, and The Crow as well if Cibulkova does play (if Wickmayer is better then Wozniak, the Wozniak pickers will be ahead).

Good luck everyone!
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