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Re: Says Azarenka, Serena is the greatest player of all time

Originally Posted by tak View Post
The talk of Serena being greatest is driving a whole race of haters nuts. Following your warped logic of the 24 slams I wonder why graf is considered greater than court in real tennis circles.
YOu do realize that this forum part of 'real tennis circles'? And we're having the argument here.

For that matter, Evert's 90% career winning allows her to stake a claim to.
Originally Posted by tak View Post
you think Court would take a set from Graf/Serena with those days push-tennis era.
First off, calling that era 'push-tennis' just reveals your ignorance. You had to think in that era, not just hit the ball hard, and one you had a winner set up, you really had to go for it to get velocity.

As for Court would beat Serena/Graf quite often. On those courts with those rackets. Serena's serve wouldn't BE what it is with those rackets, The sweet spot on them was the size of your fist, and you couldn't get near the velocity.

You are right in that Court would be hard pressed to get a set with modern technology. Her game was built for the ball going so much faster. But I think it would be much easier to adjust from the old technology to the new, rather than from the new to the old.

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