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Re: Says Azarenka, Serena is the greatest player of all time

Originally Posted by justineheninfan View Post
Graf's career has the huge asterix of the Seles stabbing as you have been the first to point out many times over. How many less slams would Graf have won? Who knows, but it is quite possible Serena would be tieing her in slam wins with this U.S Open or at the upcoming Australian Open had it not happened. Graf showed at various times when faced with other big hitters or good defenders she can either be impatient (matches vs Seles and Sanchez Vicario, especialy on clay) or sometimes overpowered (93 Australian and 95 U.S Open vs Seles, matches with Davenport, Venus, Serena towards end of career). Serena eats other big hitters or strong defenders for breakfast. That is a form that some might suggest shows superior ability, not neccessarily true, but not an invalid argument either. Also feel to correct me if I am wrong, but havent you stated more than once you feel Seles should be rated above Graf. Well if so surely you could easily make a case for Serena being above Graf, after all there isnt much or any case for Seles being above Serena so if Seles > Graf then Serena....

Evert and Navratilova you are right on but seriously how competitive was womens tennis then compared to now, even in period people say are "weak" fields like the last few years, there is still far more depth than the Martina/Chris show that ran for years. Navratilova dominated a super weak 1982-1986, with only an either very sluggish Chris (82-83 especialy) or 30 something Chris (late 84 and beyond), and Hana once she came out of her lengthy slump (late 85 to early 87) as competitive, with other abysmal group of top tenners, with doubles specialist and overachieving solid singles performer Shriver as the clear best of the rest. You wouldnt see Martina lose only 3 matches in 2 years if she had to face all of Venus, Henin, Clijsters, Capriati, and a few others in or near their primes like Serena did when she dominated in 2002/2003. Evert faced more competition, but the way she was beaten down so easily by Martina for awhile once Martina came into her prime, stands against her in a big way.

I think Court is unfairly diminished, but the truth is regardless what I think many will point out the Australian Open status of the 60s and 70s, and that the womens game was probably less competitive pre Open Era.
You can make points against ALL players, but at the end of the day Court holds the record, Graf is second, Wills 3rd, Evert/Nav 4th and Serena fifth. Those are objective facts.
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