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Fall Tournaments

I decided to put together a list of the fall tournaments involving ranked teams (as of the end of last season to keep it simple), since it can be hard to keep track of the action during the fall. Hopefully some others find it useful as well. I will try to update the subsequent posts with the links to the results as the tournaments are completed.

Note that the following slacker schools are yet to release their fall schedules , so I will edit to add them in once their schedules are released:


-- Miami (FL) [Added 9/12]
-- Virginia [Added 9/12]
-- Baylor [Added 9/12]
-- Oregon [Added 9/12]
-- Georgia State [Added 9/12]
-- San Diego [Added 9/13]
-- Tulsa [Added 9/13]
-- UCLA [Added 9/14]
-- Stanford [Added 9/17]
-- UNLV [Added 9/17]
-- Washington [Added 9/21]
-- Stephen F Austin [Added 9/25]
-- Hawaii [Added 10/1]
-- St Mary's [Added 10/1]
-- UC Irvine [Added 10/5]

* Stars indicate my rudimentary attempt to estimate the quality of the field based on the teams committed.

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