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Here a truly funny story that Daze originally posted in a thread about the "Ladies of the Evening"

so in that spirit, writes ChrisEvert:

"You won't find the "Ladies of the Evening" results in any USTA Media Guide. For the women on the tour, however, it became as eagerly awaited as a Virginia Slims final, an event that brought out the brightest, the best and most bizarre in everyone.

The idea blossomed during the Family Circle Cup at Amelia Island, Florida, in 1975. Many people now take credit for starting it, but Rosie Casals was more instrumental than anyone in getting the two "Ladies of the Evening," Peachy Kellmeyer and Vickie Berner, into a "championship match." Both were former players turned tour directors, whose after-hours reputations (Peachy with Michelob, Vickie with Dewar's Scotch) had reached legendary proportions.

Of course, Rosie could not just have Peachy and Vickie play a routine match. There had to be other conditions: On court changeovers, for example, Peachy was required to take a swig of beer while Vickie downed Scotch. Rosie also decided that everyone must be dressed appropriately, so she and Shari Barman, a friend, bought "Ladies of the Evening" T-shirts and acrylic pants. To make matters more interesting, Rosie got one-dollar donations from the crowd for prize money. Billie Jean, naturally, was the umpire, wearing two pairs of glasses, and Martina and I were designated as "coaches."

No two people ever looked less like Ion Tiriac or Robert Lansdorp. I wore an orange baseball cap with the peak backward, horizontal striped socks, hoop earrings and a T-shirt with the words "Bird Legs' Coach" across the front. "Bird Legs" was Vickie's nickname.

All of the players were involved. Betty Stove and Frankie Durr were ball girls, and others called lines. When Vickie started winning, the linesman simply ignored her serves and called faults.

I had a great time. I bandaged Vickie's knees, toweled her off, pinned up David McGoldrick's size 48 boxer shorts, and even played bartender. We had a cookout after the match, which Vickie won, and then decided that "Ladies of the Evening" would become a permanent fixture on the circuit.
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