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Re: PSY - Gangnam Style (South Korean smash single)

Originally Posted by rrfnpump View Post
They have different personalities because SM entertainment generated different personalities. It's just like kwilliams said that every member has to be identifiable to a portion of the population. Imagine that (for example girls generation)they were casted for SM entertainment when they were girls. Ever since then they got thrilled for success and its almost impossible to develop a genuine personality in this environment. I believe almost everything is created by the management and they also decide which member is 'in' at the moment. It was very obvious when Seohyun got pushed hard by SM into the spotlight. I am 100% sure girls generation would more than survive if, lets say, Jessica is substituted for Dara.

What I find irritating about the whole K-pop (and also J-pop which might be even worse) business is how superficial everything is and how few it actually has to do with music. It all depends on your looks and not about how well you sing or dance or if you are able to write your own songs. As I live in Japan now, it is quite obvious for me how this ideal of being good lucking to get famous is influencing society. It is all about looks. And thats kind of sad I feel.

I am not a hater. I actually like a couple of k-pop bands and songs.
I know all the girls have done audition for SM entertainment when they were young. They've been selected and practised singing/dancing/acting since then for a long time with lots of other girls and boys.
Then at some point, I do think based on looks, 9 girls got picked to become SNSD and a few months later they debuted their song. I don't think there was time to get a certain personality.
Ofcourse they're all very polite and cute, but behind that they definitely show their real personalities, I believe.

If Seohyun, who you mentioned, is faking her personality I'll lose faith in humanity. she's the most innocent excentric woman ever.

And I agree about how looks are so important for Koreans, sadly this happens in the entire entertainment industry.
There is lots of KPOP which is just crap music with distracting music video. I like the good songs.

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