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Re: PSY - Gangnam Style (South Korean smash single)

Originally Posted by rrfnpump View Post
Korean management companies like SM Entertainment are investing a shitload of money into promoting their artists and conquering international markets.

Doesnt mask the fact that most of the K-pop music is uninspiring, uber-commercial pop sung by good-looking zombies without soul. You can substitute any member of any group with another from another group and it wouldnt make a difference. No personalities and not authentic at all.
This is true to an even great extent with the larger groups like Girls Generation (SNSD) and Super Junior, which have nine and thirteen members respectively! I like some of their songs but would never "buy into" those groups and actually pay any attention to them because it's like each group is trying to fill a social spectrum. You could line SNSD up by hair length or hair colour. It's like each member is supposed to be identifiable to a portion of the population or something. Put them together and you have this reflection of society vague enough for everyone to identify with but consequentially insubstantial. Not many of them can sing either. Their music is catchy but that's about it.

Big Bang and 2NE1 have their flaws, God knows, but they are quite a bit more credible. Their music actually has some of their own personality and style. Truth be told, I like SNSD's music about as much as I like Big Bang's and 2NE1's but I know very little about SNSD and I don't really care to know either.

The turnover of groups in Korea is quite high too. Not many acts stay near the top of the charts or in the public eye year after year.

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