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Comeback Kid Katerina Vankova Cheering Thread!

Katerina Vankova
DOB: Dec. 30, 1989

This is probably long overdue, but Katerina, a lefty former Top 10 junior and 2006 US Open junior semifinalist, has had the best run of her career this summer, in a comeback from a career plagued with injury.

She just won the 10K Engis, the 4th title of the last five tournaments she's entered. The other three being the 10K Casiano, 10K Innsbruck and the 10K Piestany.

The number of career singles titles she holds now are 11. In doubles, she holds 8.

Currently she's ranked #341, just two spots of her career high of #339, set in 2008.

is coming for your towel, too.


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