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Re: WSJ Article: Martina & Lindsay Blast Patrick McEnroe & USTA Treatment of Taylor

Originally Posted by pov View Post
I agree with the USTA. I tuned in to a Townsend match this week and was shocked at how overweight she is. That's not body-type it's fat! As the "body-type" excuse grows more popular the rate of obesity keeps going up. S.Williams has a body-type that isn't the long and lean one. But there have been times when she's been out-of-shape and times like now when she's toned and fit.

Davenport and Navratilova are incorrect about this. The "baby-fat" thing applied to a 16yo isn't valid.
So the best way to make her lose weight is humiliate her publicly.

they are making big big mistakes with this, because it´s a very sensitive matter. Nobody is telling that Taylor doesn't need to be fitter, but sabotaging her career, pressure her to withdraw the US Open junior, don't let her play itf tournaments, and calling her fat publicly is not the way to solve this.

People say that she is in a slump, but that's not true. She lost against good players (and in this case Anett is older than her). There's a good time since last time a junior won two Gs, so what happened with her after Australian Open is nothing new.
She is very young, and she needs support, not pressure and public humiliation.
Right now, players are achieving results at older ages, Robson won Wimbledon with 14, but it was till now, with 18, she makes the quality leap in her game and became truly competitive.
There's no rush, she needs to lose weight, but she doesn't need to lose it now. They better teach her how to eat and what food is good for her, change her alimentary habits.
She is number one in the world, and one of the best juniors for sure. If they treat this way one of their best prospects, i don't know what they do with someone who isn't so promising
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