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Re: Is Serena the Only Heavyweight?

Of course there are other 'heavyweights'. In the last couple days, I actually referred to the Azarenka-Sharapova macthup as a light-heavyweight fighting a heavyweight more than once.

But besides Sharapova, Stosur and Safina and Venus and Davenport all come right to mind. I'm not sure Kvitova is really a legit heavyweight. Bluntly, she overweight. Bartoli is no heaveyweight either, trimmed down the way she is now.

I know that kind of language is loaded for some of you, both racially and sexually, but for fight fans, it's an obvious analogy. They are both combat sports, one perhaps the most refined, one perhaps the most primal, but both combat sports.

Henin could whack the hell out of the ball, but she had to put her whole body into the shot to do it. Serena can 'arm' the ball and still hit it hard.

The lighter-weight players do win. Sometimes. Like today. Azarenka didn't, to me, seem to be hitting as hard as Sharapova, but she was hitting it hard, and accurately, and she attacked Sharapova's forehand like a tiger shark, even when the balls were coming back faster 10mph faster than she hit hem.

But Errani was a flyweight fighting a heavyweight. Her only shot in that match was Serena getting impatient. The balls she hits are traveling so slowly, Serena had no trouble setting up perfectly for almost every shot.

NOTE: I thought, pre-match, Errani might give Serena trouble.

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