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Re: Is Serena the Only Heavyweight?

Originally Posted by lloyders76 View Post
i'm wary of making this about race, i don't post much but i read the level of debate most people descend to on here.

but thanks for recognising my issue with this line of commentary, Serena is a player with terrific technique, court smarts and feel. that's why the insinuation that it's an unfair match due to serena's size rankles
Welcome to the TF.

For many posters here , they would not bother with insinuations or other cloak language.
They are perfectly OK with reducing Serena's game to brute force, followed by she should join the ATP.

They disingenuously dismiss any other aspect of her game that has nothing to do with power.
The disguise and placement of her serve, her non-changing toss motion regardless of where she is serving.

For example, they discount or take away the work and time she put in to perfect her serve, the adjustment she makes on court during the matches, the anticipation...etc..
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