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Originally Posted by Dementinator View Post
No good will come of it, trust me, she WILL find out, shes female after all, they know things....
Well,I can't deny the prudence of your caution,so I already have a Plan B in place where I take full responsibility for the plan to spare others from any wrath...and also pledge to donate all proceeds to Elena's favorite children's charity.........Of course,we won't be donating ALL proceeds as a good portion of the revenue will be discreetly earmarked for SSD needs.

Had another idea that would sell big-time with Russian boys entering puberty....and then spread quickly in popularity.Some of you might be aware of boxing video games where the player competes against different levels of contrived video-opponents and,if successful,advances to the final match to fight the champion for whom the game is named;naturally,the champ is very difficult or nearly impossible to beat.In a slightly similar vein,we could create "ED's WTA Oil Wrestling Challenge 2012" where various beauties wrestled in one-piece swimsuits.Players could pick their favorite WTA star to battle certain opponents and,if they were lucky enough,they'd grapple with Elena in the Final.Obviously,Lena fans would have the option of choosing HER and then seeing who racked up the most points as she conquered some of the somewhat-less-attractive WTA beauties.Naturally,we'd find a design wiz to make the graphics as vivid as possible,and we'd include compelling,realistic audio of the lovelies panting as they exerted such physical energy...especially the sexy,desperate moans of gals who are helplessly pinned by Elena and struggling in vain to break free.....I'll have to do a good sales job to convince her to sign off on THAT one...probably special accomodations for Max or Mommy Vera

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