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Re: Renee's wandering hands...

Originally Posted by alfajeffster View Post
I couldn't agree more. Better yet, warning, point penalty, etc. That would get their attention. A visible court-side clock is a good idea. Can you imagine Steffi ever getting a time violation called?
Ummmm, yes. The 1993 Lipton final. One of the most obnoxious matches ever, with Arantxa stalling like a Congolese airplane engine, a rude crowd, some horrible officiating (some iffy line calls, phantom let cords). Steffi, in a rare display of the passive-aggressive hissy fit, I think, decided to see what if anything could draw a time violation warning. I haven't watched it in a long time, but I recall it went something like this: She deliberately walked real slow over to the chairs, toweled off real slow, making sure she had the umpire's attention, proceeded to drink a cup of water, toweled off some more, and then moseyed back to the baseline. Finally Jane Tabor gave her a warning, but looked a little sheepish or perhaps pained about it. I'm pretty sure it's in the second to last game if you want to Youtube it. There is something fundamentally ridiculous about it; it might be one of the best razzings of a chair umpire ever.
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