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Re: $25,000 Rockhampton (AUS) 2012 | Sep 03 (Draws)


Originally Posted by chingching View Post
Did you not hear the bit where I said she was fake... And she wanted to play there
I can't telly you all because someone told me not to tell you. I honour that promise
BTW, none of you actually know who I am so how would you know if someone told you a secret?
I have told you enough I didn't make it up and stop asking
Also Andiyan, you think I'm a troll Constantly criticising a POSTER for no reason I would also classify as trolling
This is a load of crap, maybe she is fake but she did not show it on court or in her interviews and even if she is fake, its not a reason to judge someone... Of course she wanted to play but originally she was not selected so she was really pleased when got there. If someone told you to jump of a cliff would yo do it???

Originally Posted by chingching View Post
You already know that that isn't possible
And why would I make it up
You just don't want to believe anything people say
Attention comes to mind...

TT 2010: Won 100k Bronx DW/Matthias, 50k Athens DW/Håkon
TT 2011: Won WTA Strasbourg, WTA Quebec DW/Phil=).
TT 2012: Won WTA P5 Cincinnati,WTA Auckland,Birmingham,Hertogenbosch,Luxembourg,50k Bronx,25k Rockhampton DW/Phil=)
TT 2013: Won 25k Rancho Santa Fe DW/Phil=)
TT 2014: 1/2 Kuala Lumpur Singles,Won WTA FlorianapolisDW/Phil=),25k NottinghamDW/Phil=),F Istanbul 50kDW/Phil=)
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