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Re: The SS Dementieva, New Horizons

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
Seriously,I'm almost moved to tears here;nobody EVER trusts me with heavy machinery...okay,Cap,I swear that we won't have anything even remotely political.....Have an AWESOME vacation

Rix,I don't know the first damned thing about boating except how to NOT get seasick,so I'll be counting heavily on your nautical knowledge
However,I already have a good plan in effect to generate more income for the food and repair budgets;it has tested extremely well with my publicity field agents.Does anyone recall that avy where there was a porn star,with the vaguest resemblance to Elena,making a lascivious pose?Well,I used that pic as the cover for the first-ever ED Lingerie and Swimsuit Calendar.The word 'wannabe' is written in microscopic print right before Lena's name so that we'll have legal cover.Unless someone happens to have a magnifying glass in his hand at the checkout counter,he'll never notice our disclaimer.Sure,word will eventually get out about our scam via the internet and other media....but not until we've raked in loads of cash.....Oh,and I released the calendar thru a phantom holding company so that the scheme can't be traced back to the SSD to ruin our solid reputation or Elena's holy name
Well, that's suits quite well..... I'm continuously seasick, even on land. Might be something else though....

So, to the drydocks it is..

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