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Re: S7 - 16: Pilot Pen Tennis, New Haven (II)

At the conclusion of New Haven, Anastasia Myskina could wait no longer for the lazy tournament director of the ATC tour. And held one after the Final today.

M: Hello, Anastasia, what is this immediate press conference about?

Anastasia: This is about my future with the ATC tour.

M: What specifically, retirement?

Anastasia: Basically. I am retiring the old me, my old habits. When I got to #1 I started slacking off and half-assing practices, not really fighting out there on the court and giving all that I can give. It needs to change.

M: What do you plan to do?

Anastasia: I am recommitting myself. I am not in good form right now. I want to have new game plans for each week. Long practice sessions each day. I want to be where I was. I have 2 slams and was one of the longest running and dominant #1's on the tour. I want my success back. I can barely win back-to-back matches anymore. I need to just focus. I don't expect great things immediately because the US Open and Indoor Season are on my worst surfaces. But for next season, I have big hopes and aspirations and want to achieve them. I am thinking ahead to next year already. I just want to find my game for the rest of this season.

M: What about the US Open?

Anastasia: I have great memories there. My incredible win there in Season 5. I remember fighting my ass off that entire event. I am not so good on those quick hardcourts, but I just fought for everything. I won all 4 of my matches 7-5 in the third. And then that Final where I saved 3 Championship Points against me. It was a phenomenal feeling to pull that match off and win my second Slam. It was just amazing. And I want that again. I want to fight for everything out there again. I want to feel that amazing feeling again, but the US Open will surely be too soon for it to happen again. I'd love to reclaim glory again there, but I most likely won't. The tour is a little weaker now than it was then, but still I am not in good shape with my game. I have a lot I need to work on. But in Season 8, expect to be seeing Myskina making deep runs into the events.
No more questions. Thank you.

Beware, bitches. Every week I am sending new points now. I am going to save this tour once again!

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