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Re: Ana Ivanovic's Dramatic Weight Loss: Any One Concerned... Yet??

Originally Posted by Cajka View Post
After RG in 2011 she was #50 in the race. When she hired Nigel, she started playing better. His coaching is, IMO, the main reason why she's #12 at the moment, but she still doesn't have a fitness coach, she still gets injured way too often, so I really fail to realize how exactly this weight loss benefits her game.
The reason you don't see it is you're making an unlikely assumption. That Nigel Sear's coaching is the reason for her improvement.

I'm not saying Sears is a bad coach. But at the top of most sports, losing weight, if done correctly, increases athletic performance. That's not an absolute, but it's very true in most sports where endurance and foot speed are issues. She was getting back stuff against Serena most players couldn't even touch.

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