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Originally Posted by macn
Hi Rollo! I thought the U.S. Open was viewed as the #2 because it's second to Wimbledon in terms of when the tournament started. The French Open came after the U.S.Open and I just always thought that that was the judgement factor for prestige. I am not saying that King was a clay court master and it was her weakest surface; however, I wouldn't say she was weak on that surface. Let's not discount King's clay court record just Like I won't discount Court's Australian record despite having a weak field for most of her wins. I have to re-read Kings Autobiography because I could have sworn she said that they didn't allow her to enter the French until 1967, I could be wrong about that but I will read it again for clarifacation. King never beat Evert on the dirt as Evert didn't beat King on grass or any major tournament until 1977, well past King's prime years. Two Quarterfinals, one semi and a win in a major (French) is a great achievement IMO. Navratilova is the greatest player of all time and she only managed two wins on the dirt because of Evert and vice versa for Evert's 3 wins at Wimbledon and not more because of Navratilova. I don't agree with your opinion about either you win or not because Court didn't win as many Wimbledons and U.S. Opens when she was faced with the top players, but still her achievements in those tournaments are great. Navratilova is the greatest with Court #2 beacuse they played the doubles, team competitions and tournament after tournament.
I have to disagree on a few points- and thank you for joining the conversation! One major thing to remember about Navratilova's career is that when she was at her best (circa 1982-85), she did not have a contemporary serve-and-volley player to challenge her like Court did. Court won all of her Majors when 3 of the 4 slams were played on grass- and she did it against the likes of Bueno, King, Wade, Goolagong, Melville, and many, many other GREAT grass court serve-and-volleyers. I think she benefitted tremendously in that she only came up against the Everts, Jaegers, Austins, and the rest of those Chrissie clones time and again. The only serve-and-volley player who beat her now and again was Hana Mandlikova, and we all know what she could have done had she marshalled her talents!
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