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Thanks for the report alfajeffster. I'm happy Marg is doing well and I'm still envious as hell! The # of Court's wins was in an issue of Tennis Australia-I'll try and track down the month and year.

Macn-it's always a pleasure. I can save you time looking in King's bio, your memory is right and King DOES say the USTA prevented her from playing the French AND the post Wimby Euroclay events. The problem is the facts just don't bear out King's assertion. Read that book and her hatred for the USTA and clay spills out every time they come up. I don't accuse her of lying about it, I just think it's one of those memory lapses/errors you find in a lot of autobios (including Court's). Like I say, she couldn't have entered the French until 1965 at the earliest due to college finals-and in 1965 and 1966 she was in Europe and on grass the same week as the French at Surbiton. Some top women did this, even Court skipped the French once for grass and once for an event in Berlin

Saying Navratilova is the greatest of all time is debatable-but her two Frenchies and several finals on her worst surface rate above Billie Jean's, while Evert's 3 Wimbies on her worst surface is even better.
Still, they all had clear surface weaknesses-it's one category where a Court or Graf has an edge IMO.

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