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Hi there alfajeffster

Welcome to the Blast! From your posts in GM I know you have a lot of info to share with us in here. This is a fun place to speak your peace without fear on getting called a bling-bling.

LOL@Ted The vulture analogy must have been a favorite of his. I'm fairly sure he wrote it of Court too-maybe it's in his book.

BTW, about the USTA stopping King from entering the French to force her to enter US grass events-not true. There were no grass events in the US in May or June-thus there was no reason for the USTA to stop King from entering.

She didn't play the French from 1962-65 by choice. She was in college, where she met her fiance Larry King. She only entered California hard courts during the spring semester in those years. So school is why she didn't play the French. Tracy Austin had the same reason for not entering the French.

So what did BJK do when she didn't have school AND was in Europe BEFORE the French? She skipped it. I'm referring to 1966, when she was in Italy for Fed Cup and then ran to England for grass court events at the same time the French was going on. The USTA didn't force her to do that.

The US grass court season was AFTER Wimbledon. These were the red clay events King wanted to play and wasn't allowed to because the USTA was giving her only $200 per event while European events like Gstaad were offering $1,500. King was understandably bitter about that, but it's a separate issue from the French.
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