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Hello there,

It's me again, the proud owner of a Romanian passport with a Japanese visa inside! Good news, I did receive my passport today so I'm free to go home whenever I want now...

Speaking of which, someone asked me today how long I've been away... I can't really remember, 4-5 weeks already, I don't keep track of days anymore. I just know that when I play first round it's usually a Monday and if I make it to the finals it's a Sunday! That's how I figure out what day it is, according to what round I play... Since May I've probably been home for like 6-7 days so I hope you guys won't judge me too hard if I say that I miss home. During a tournament I never allow myself to think about this, but once I'm done my mind does go to that place. I've been listening all day to this song called Home by Michael Bublé... I know it's very cheesy, but now and then we all need some extra protein and calcium, it's healthy

Finally managed to start my day with a run in Central Park. I'm not sure what is so special about that place but I just love it. It puts me in such a good place and in such a good mood, it has a special vibe that makes you start the day in a positive spirit... I had a few meetings afterwards with my team as we always do after a tournament, so we do a little recap on the things that went on and also plan the next few days and weeks. But as soon as I was done with that I managed to hit the shops with my huge list in hand...

I have to say that if there's something that I find refreshing here in the States it's the way they compliment you everytime you enter a store... from your hair to your clothes, to the jewelry, or even to the accent, straight away they find something nice to say to you. And I know it's a marketing thing but I love the way they take care of the customers here, they make you feel so good and so special, as special as anyone ) But it's nice and it's such a small thing that makes such a big difference...

Went to MOMA as well, and that stands for Museum of Modern Art... every single time I go to these kinds of places I have the feeling that I know so little about life and that I live in a soap bubble...

The highlight of my day was when I found myself standing on the street with a lot of bags in both hands and trying to get the attention of a cab by waving desperately at him... I felt like such a New Yorker girl Went to Soho and the meatpacking discrict a bit, for another few things that were on my list, before I decided to call it a day... I love that area of New York, it has a cool artistic way about it that inspires you so much... you can breathe in creativity all around the place...

Met up for an easy relaxed dinner with my best friend afterwards... and in case I won't fly out tomorrow I will go and support her in the evening because she is playing the first night session match.

I still have some bussines to take care of tomorrow and depending on that I will decide if I fly out Saturday or Sunday...

But you will hear from me at least one more time before I go, so I won't get emotional and say goodbye yet


She was there indeed.

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