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Re: Sorana News And Articles

Hey guys,

Unfortunately I had a really bad day yesterday, I lost my singles match. I was disappointed, but not about the result, it was the way I played that really bothered me. I didn't do anything from the things that I should have, and I take full responsibility for the result and for the outcome of the match.

I've had a nice year with some good results and big wins... but what happened this tournament happened quite often this year, I couldn't back up those big wins with another good match...
yesterday I allowed myself a mourning day with tears and the whole menu, but now everything is back to normal

We get so caught up in the moment that we forget to look at the big picture, and if you do that you realize it's not a big deal, and there are much more important things in life than the loss of a match. And I'm sure in a few weeks I'm gonna look back at this and laugh... but it did hurt and the reason for that is because I care a lot and I put my heart into this...

On a diffrent note, everything is happening for a reason in life, and I do believe this tournament will make me stronger and I will learn from the mistakes. I still have so much more room to improve and the most important thing is that I still have that will and desire to get better...

I know the usual blog could be about what I do, what and where I eat, how I sleep, how I practice and all that stuff... but I tend to write about other things and hopefully this way you can get a different feeling from a different perspective out of this week's posts... At this level the mind makes the difference because we all know how to hit backhands and forehands

Now talking about something else... usually after I lose I fly straight away the next day home... but this time even if I wanted to fly out tomorrow I can't! My passport is at the Japanese embassy right now, in line to get a visa so I can play the tournament in Tokyo in a few weeks. So until that little friend comes I'm stuck in New York... Poor Sorana, some of you will say! She has to stay an extra day in New York

I'm never jealous of anyone, but I do admit that I'm jealous of people that don't have to get visas... life is so much easier when you have the freedom to go whenever you want without having to stay in line to ask for permission to enter a certain country...

Sooooo... this means that you will have to hear from me tomorrow again... I'm not sure if that's good luck or bad luck for you guys

I will report on my day off in NY, stay tuned

Take care, I'm sending everyone a big hug!!


I couldn't have said it better. As I already wrote in Begu's cheering thread, because she obviously has the same mental or motivational issues, it's 'shocking' if you look how less Sorana has made of the big upsets she already had this year. Moreover, she is gaining most of her points not by 'vulturing' weak MM draws, Barcelona as an exception, but her performances there were partly underwhelming, but through defeating Top Guns at big tournaments.

At most MMs she already lost to such scrubs like Babos, Oudin and Soler-Espinosa, while she beat a handful of Top 20 player as well, but just couldn't back it up. She clearly struggles with the pressure of being the favourite in one match.

I only hope that what she wrote above is not only said to secure her fans, I really want to see her mental game becoming more mature next year, so that she will be able to deal with such off days and not let them pass by like things that just happen in life.
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