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Re: Mandy Minella (pics/cheering/avies/everything) thread!

Originally Posted by Jane Lane View Post
So the rain kind of fucked around with my life today. All the matches I wanted to see ended up on at the same time, and Vika got on too late.

Started off with Mandy & Olivia on Court 15. On my way there, a wild Lucie appeared!

She and her coach were talking a mile a minute and then Lucie walked off and left her coach with her bag . I didn't wanna be such a creeper, so it's a little far away.

Mandy was cruising early, so I went to Ashe to stalk Eva pretend to care about watch the defending champion. But I was in the nosebleeds, so say hello to the ants on Ashe!

Then the rain came, and I hid under the Chase tent for like two hours. After the rain, I saw Mandy and Olivia were going to a third set so I went and took a seat over there. That's when things got cray. So Mandy had these guys rooting for her, dancing and cheering every time she won a point. And then were very respectful, didn't cheer Olivia's UEs or yell during the points. They were awesome. I wish they were my friends.

So then these little bints came over and kept trying to cheer for Olivia purely because they thought Mandy's guys were annoying. Tried Oli-via! Failed. Tried Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi! Failed. So then they mocked Mandy grunt, which legit, when I tell you it wasn't even a grunt, it wasn't even anything. They irritated me and thought AUS was Austria, and didn't know where Luxembourg was. They irritated Mandy too, because they were hanging on the gate so after Mandy held for 41* she fist pumped and Allez'ed in their general direction.

Fast forward to when Mandy served for the match, and on MP after a long rally Olivia hit a forehand swing volley winner for deuce. Then Mandy goes into the shady corner, and pukes. Just starts dry heaving on the court. Think back to Flavia vs. Peng at USO2K11. I was also there for that. Maybe it's me. I don't know. It was hot as balls out there, and they were having really long rallies. So Olivia is confused, and Mandy is even more confused and wants to keep playing. The chair told her it's in the rule she had to call the trainer to come clean it, and Mandy's like "Well, do I have to sit? I don't understand..." So they sat down for a bit until the trainer came, cleaned it and we continued. Mandy saved BP with a serve winner, hit an ace with a huge ALLEZ for MP, it was epic. The umpire got confused and called GSM but corrected herself right away. Rogowska hit a BH wide to end it. They shook hands and Rogowska couldn't get off the court fast enough. I looked down for two seconds and she was gone. Mandy then ran over and proceeded to high five the cool Luxembourg pride dudes. She signed a bunch of autographs too, she's a sweetie.

So I wanted to try to take a pic with Mandy if I could after the match because SHE WALKED RIGHT BY ME. But she looked like just wanted to get back to the locker room so I just yelled at her "Mandy, you were awesome!" and she turned and smiled and said thank you.
Great report I'm glad the guys kept cheering for Mandy and got those damn Aussies silent.
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