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Re: Race and Media

Originally Posted by kwilliams View Post
I always thought Kelly was by some measure the least attactive memeber of DC. I though Beyonce, Kelly, La Toya, La Tavia and Farrah were all more attractive. However, Kelly looks a lot better than she used to. Kelly might be darker but I'd say her features are a bit more European than Beyonce's.

Anyway, no one was going to be a bigger star than Beyonce. She had the drive, the confidence, the ego, much of the talent and she had the right people behind her. Plus she made sure she did the bulk of the singing. Remember how Michelle only got three lines to sing in "Emotion" but it was one of the songs that was supposed to show that they were a "group." I always loved Michelle. She had such an interesting voice, really quite unique. She was beautiful but in a simple, understated, girl-next-door kinda way. She always seemed very nice too. Although, I've since heard she's a bit ghetto and has been known to start fights in bars/clubs!

I loved Beyonce in the DC days but started to hate her because I couldn't ignore how the group was basically "hers."
at kelly 'looking better' over the years and having more european features - thats probably got something to do with the plastic surgery she got to look European

^^^^ for all my ladies
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