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Re: Architecture.

I was just going on about this an hour ago. I'm a transport nerd and I think urban planning is really underappreciated by the general populace in most cities/countries. I tend to like cities with an organic but ordered urban layout. I don't care for the grid system in most American cities. My favourite part of Manhattan is definitely downtown - the further down the better. I like the Wall Street/South Ferry/Battery Park area! I like cities where the topography plays a role in the urban layout. I like Rome, Istanbul, Venice, Stockholm and Budapest for these reasons. Genoa, Dresden, Prague, Seoul and Shanghai have their merits in this regard too. I suppose Amsterdam too but I'm not crazy about Amsterdam. Dublin, Geneva and Busan have this to an extent as well.

I also like smaller towns and cities that have well preserved historic centres or areas like Siena, Bruges, Hoi An, and Ubud.

Special mentions have to go to cities which are just beautiful treasure troves or architectural beauty or bygone finery like Vienna, Madrid, Athens, Siem Reap (Angkor), Pisa and Milan (to an extent) Florence (even though it's overrated) Washington DC, Boston and Kyoto.

I also love a good megalopolis or a city with a strong urban-feeling like Beijing, London, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Berlin, Bangkok and Paris. I suppose New York too but NYC and I aren't on quite the same wavelength. The same goes for Hanoi.

My boyfriend's moving to Istanbul this week:

Istanbul! by keithmaguire, on Flickr

The Blue Mosque by keithmaguire, on Flickr

Hagia Sophia by keithmaguire, on Flickr

The Basilica Cistern by keithmaguire, on Flickr

I think it's important for cities to have parks, green spaces, open squares and water spaces, if possible!

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