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Re: The 2012 Off Court Photos Thread (Photo Shoots/Parties/Sponsor Events etc.) vol2

Originally Posted by Williamsova View Post
1) Not really. Kelly is pretty as well, as they both are. Neither are other-worldly beautiful, and I've seen women in real life who've looked as good or better than both.

2) Beyonce is a bigger star because she's a better singer, dancer, and performer not to mention a harder worker than any other female entertainer out bar none. Let's not.

And for the record I agree that Beyonce is not a good example to counter the idea that white looks are what dominates. If only because she's not necessarily the shining example of "black beauty," being pretty far on the lighter end of the spectrum in terms of skin tone, usually wearing silky blonde lacefronts with her natural curly hair being dyed honey blonde as well, etc. The funny thing is the usual counter-example to this would be Naomi Campbell, but even she is mixed with something else(Chinese,) and visibly so.
Kelly Rowland is absolutely stunning (in my opinion). Flawless skin, beautiful smile, amazing body, wonderful personality. When that group was made, Beyonce wasn't an outstanding vocalist. She has improved with age.

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I am THE original asshole! You mad??

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Don't make me come to T&T to huff and puff and blow your hut down, girl.
Fuck y'all
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