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Re: The 2012 Off Court Photos Thread (Photo Shoots/Parties/Sponsor Events etc.) vol2

Originally Posted by Wonderwall. View Post
The fact I used "I" in a sentence doesn't make it about me. I don't express the opinion of all white people and I don't think I do.
But why do you think you know what most people's preference is based on?

The discussion here was about the fact people consider Sharapova better looking than Serena.
I never said that the belief of the white supremacy doesn't exist, I just said I don't think this is the case here. I was talking about something very specific.
You said you think the main reason people consider Sharapova more attractive is her skin colour.
You don't represent most people's opinion, you can't really know why they prefer her, you're just overgeneralising.

Sorry for all the off topic.
I said her race, not just her skin color. Race includes many things other than just skin color.
And yes, her race is the primary reason why many people consider her more attractive. Serena, with her ass that "has its own gravitational pull", her wide nose, her big breasts and her athletic frame, could never compete with a tall, ivory-skinned, blonde woman with green eyes from Russia.
White supremacy.


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