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Well there aren't going to be any highly ranked teams that have to worry about it but there are always a couple of good bubble teams (usually from a tough conference like the SEC or ACC) with losing records that get in because the quality of their wins is so high. Arkansas and LSU got in last year with losing records.

I don't really see the point to the rule. I believe LSU was the last team in last year as an at-large and they had a losing record. On the one hand, we're going to go with this ITA formula that says that they are better than South Florida (the first team out) but then someone is going to step in and say that because LSU played a tougher schedule that they can't go to the dance?

South Florida is a bad example because they actually played a challenging schedule, but some team from a clown conference that goes 25-2 against nobody is going to end up getting in over an SEC or ACC team that goes 12-13 with 12 wins against ranked teams.
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