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Re: It's Tereza Smitkova! Cheering Thread

Originally Posted by Matej View Post
Well, Kawa eventually won the whole tournament in Prague, beating Voracova 6-4, 6-1 in the final ... so it´s pretty good that Tereza played a very close match with Kawa.

She could have won that match, but roughly in the middle of the second set, Kawa found a reliable winning strategy against Smitkova: to play high, looping topspin balls to Tereza´s backhand. Not only Smitkova proved to be unable to cope with these "moonballs" properly, but she was getting visibly frustrated and annoyed as well.

As for the third set, Tereza played very well in her return games (she broke Kawa three times) but unfortunately, she had quite a low percentage of first serves in and as a result she had great difficulties to hold her serve; almost all Kawa´s returns of Tereza´s second serves were high looping balls to Tereza´s backhand. Tereza desperately needed good first serves in order to be able dictate the rallies in her service games.


And by the way, Tereza won the doubles title in Prague (with Jesika Maleckova), beating Anastasia Pivovarova / Arina Rodionova 6-1, 6-4 in the final:
You were there! Thanks for the report!

Kawa must be something to come out of qualies to win a 25K. Never heard of her, but if she's a moonballer

is coming for your towel, too.


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