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Re: Kiri in New Haven!

Originally Posted by NYKiriFan View Post
Yeah, I agree she won't and can't beat herself too much over this loss. While as fans we're impatient to see her win a tourney for the first time in 4 years, she's just not going to put too much of herself into an event a week before the US Open and let this get to her.

Some of the postmatch press conference is here, and quote from the article:

Also a good quote on what went wrong beyond just being "unlucky":
It's more than being unlucky. Maria has lost many matches like the New Haven final before. Kiri lost a tough first set yet shook that off to lead 5 - 2 in the second set with 2 breaks of serve then pretty much melted down losing 5 straight games. Sadly Maria has done this many times before. It is great Makiri is so close to the top 10 now after 10 years on tour but she really could have and should have won yesterday. It's a damn shame she didn't. There is no question the pressure go to Maria when she was up 2 breaks at 5 -2 in the second set. She admitted that in her post match video press conference. But why would she get nervous then? She was playing well and Petra wasn't. Then Kiri lost 5 straight games.

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