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Originally Posted by NYKiriFan View Post
Kiri gets shot of the day, facing break point 30-40 in Saturday's New Haven final vs. Kvitova at 6-7, 5-2. Ironically, she goes on to lose 5 straight games, 3 on serve after this.
Maria does not know what momentum means. For her to lose such a bruatal first set only to go up 5-2 in the second set with 2 breaks of serve and then lose 5 straight games with error after error blew me away. Kiri made only 1 UE against Kvitova in the London Olympics in the 22 games they played But yesterday was a different story in the New Haven final. Petra was beatable and Kiri should have beaten her. Maria had all the momentum in the second set and then folded. It's not like Kvitova was playing great. She was playing pretty well but there is no way she should have won 5 straight games to take the match and the title. Too bad for Kiri. That would have been a nice title for her to have. Kiri says she was unlicky after the match. That may be true. But she had her chances in this match and did not take them. Again.

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