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Re: Kiri in New Haven!

Originally Posted by MaKiri rulezzz View Post
well, you could be right, but don't forget, her opponent was not knapp, zakopalova or schiavone...
maria played against an in-form world's number 5! you first have to come in a 5-2 lead situation...
in some sense, I believe kiri will be even more motivated for the US Open now!
and she will win a title soon if she stays patient and continues to play like this, it's only a matter of time
I hope you are right and this final motivates Maria. But she had some breaks this tournament and still couldn't win. Petra has a huge upside and is off to a great start in her career. But she was beatable today even as powerful and as skilled as she is. And it was sad to see Kiri lose another sizable lead in a set in a big match.

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