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Re: Kiri in New Haven!

Originally Posted by MaKiri rulezzz View Post
well, I am done...5-2 and kvitty still wins it in two

that hurts so much, what a tough loss this was
Brutal loss for Kiri. Not even to win a set today is an injustice to Maria. But she has only herself and her serve to blame for that. Kiri seemed to wilt in the second set. Not to take it to a third set to make Petra sweat and suffer is a mistake Kiri will regret. Kvitova may have been so upset by losing the second set that she might have tanked the third set worrying about the U.S. Open. I don't want to be harsh on Kiri because she took a power pounding from Kvitova today and Maria really hung in there. That was impressive. It's just a shame she lost the final in straight sets. Kiri really did not deserve that. But that's tennis.

As for Kiri's U.S. Open I think this loss will hang with her for a while. Kvitova was beatable today and Kiri could have done it. Still no singles titles for Maria for almost 4 years. Her losing the second set like that today reminded me of the old Kiri.

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