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Re: Gilmore Girls appreciation thread

Originally Posted by Alizé Molik View Post
Shocked you did not know about this Fantic. The pop culture references (esp. classic film) are really great and they are all through every season.
I just finished watching season 7 (probably the 100th time I have watched all the seasons through) and I still find them entertaining. Things start to take a dive in season 6 but 1-5 is classic.

About the Korean thing: the Laine character is based off one of the producers on the show who was friends with the creator, so Laine/Mrs Kim is kind of an overdone version of that woman's upbringing so not really a comment on all Koreans.
yeah but I'm just watching the episode in which Mrs. Kim does a volte face upon hearing from Lane that Henry is a future doctor..and that antique biz too, emphasizing the materialistic side..well, Park Chunghee autocrat military regime during the 1960s and 70s did strive for economic success to compensate for its lack of political Koreans did acquire that 'economic animal' epithet following the Japanese

And to think that Korea(Chosun dynasty that lasted 500 yrs until 1910) was the ultimate Confucian state (more so than China) of the least materialistic regimes ever (Chosun dynasty really denigrated merchants and scientists)

Are Japanese and Chinese depicted in that negative manner? This isn't the first time that in American TV Korean (or its product) are portrayed in said manner..can't say I'm too comfortable with it

maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I feel it's like Jews:Europe=Korean:USA , the 'pattern' seems kinda similar here damn, Europe is too extreme(after all they killed Jews for 'sport' from time to time!), should substitute to USA I guess. Jews->Korean in the USA. That kind of 'subtle' discrimination..(vide Kazan's 'Gentlemen's Agreement')

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