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Gilmore Girls appreciation thread

So there was an entire season of this series in dvd at the library so took it up, for a trial run.

So far sped through the early 2nd season and it's fantastic!

Especially the witty dialogues, I've watched some American dramas/comedies but this definitely tops the list. SOOO hilarious! Quoting so many Golden Age movies and literature is a bonus, too. Where else you see Mencken's Chrestomathy(did I spell right? ) get mentioned? For that matter, how about 'Sid & Nancy'?

Love the character's too, Lorelai is definitely the IT girl (and what a weird name ) & Michel Kirk, Mrs. many interesting characters.

And the caricature of Korean culture is hilarious I mean, of course East Asians are relatively more strict than the West but they're describing like...19th or early 20th century Korean attitude, at the latest 1970s or something And those actors are Japanese I really wonder what the creator thought Some Koreans ARE QUITE devout Christians though, nice catch on that

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