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Originally Posted by USTennisfan View Post
Let's see 7 of the highest paid women professional athletes play TENNIS, yes WTA. Not one is in the WNBA. Follow the money and you find endorsement dollars. How many women still playing basketball? Golf and Tennis are one and two in audience participation sports currently promoted.

I love everyone's opinions on the subject. Don't you think the networks look at that and make offers that match what they perceive to be the potential... But you'd think we have a bunch of communications majors on this forum. We are so quick to poo poo this without understanding they believe they will expand the sport and interest in it.

But hey again when budgets tighten and these schools have to make cuts in sports, I am sure all of us will send in checks to match the loss of revenue they expect to make. Because we are so so so sure it won't work. So funny!
So to be more clear, you are suggesting that there are endorsement and television deals that will generate revenue to all DI schools (not just those participating in the year-end events) that exceed expenses of that endeavor?

You are saying to 'follow the money' and it will lead you to college tennis?

This isn't so much of a "Communications Major" analysis than general business and advertising....I think you are more than optimistic on that topic......and isn't this forum intended for any/all to offer opinions?
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