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Originally Posted by JJ ismyname View Post

You watched the final and listened to what Carlos said to Na? Did he tell her not to be so aggressive? Did he tell her to play percentage tennis, especially on the ros?

The reason I am curious about this is because I am thinking of the advice he gave Justine when she made her return. Didn't he say she needed to be more aggressive. Wasn't that the reason she started hitting her returns of serve so aggressively (most of them going out) and trying to become a ballbasher?

Do you think now in hindsight he realises what he told Justine was a mistake?

Just kind of hit a chord with me really. I'll be taking more of an interest in Li Na from now on.
Yeah, well I heard it in the sense that that is what the Eurosport commentator said (there were commercials, so only heard the last part myself).

I do think however that there's a difference between JU and NA in the sense that JU was much easier overpowered than NA. Or am I wrong in this.
Also "playing more passively" for NA means: not blasting every ball. Just playing an "intense" ball with a lot of margin. And besides, I think we understand how stubbourn JU was. I'm not sure the "ball bashing" was all Carlos. I always had the feeling it had something to do with JU wanting to prove herself against hardhitters And lastly, we musn't see JU last few matches as a norm for even her comeback level in globo. At times her level of play after her comeback (AO Dementieva; set against Serena, Wimbledon Petrova, ...) were divine... BIG. FAT. SIGH

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