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Re: General discussion thread

Originally Posted by eck View Post
Is it odd that I see a bit of Justine in Li Na?
Carlos so far has been a good fit for her though. Her brainless ballbashing game doesn't seem to be as obvious.
I watched the final and really enjoyed it.
It was refreshing to hear Carlos' approach at the oncourt coaching, telling her (from what I heard from others and myself)
- to play more patiently and hit higher deeper forehands, less hard, less flat
- telling her how exactly to return (mix up body and dtl)

- telling her "if you are a champion, you will take this match"

His tactics didn't immediately help, but LI kept focus and it started to pay off.

LI NA is imho a bit JU like, in the sense, that I always feel like she is actually quite a smart person, and that makes her a dumb player sometimes. In tennis, sometimes it's easier (short term) to be a bit "oblivious" and "dumb" I think.
She also has the ability (like JU) to get "zoned in", when confident, and to really dominate thanks to shot making ability.
The serve (imo) is worse than JU's, and of course, she has less "weapons" (variety) than JU

Hope the collaboration keeps working! It's gotten me interested again

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