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Re: Angie: Interviews, Tweets and Video Appearances

Angelique Kerber Twitter Interview

Angelique Kerber answered questions that fans sent into the Western & Southern Open Twitter account, @CincyTennis.

Question from @scots_seahawk:
Outside of Flushing Meadow what do you like to do or see in New York?

Answer from @AngeliqueKerber:
I like to shop at Tiffany & Co. when I’m in New York for the US Open and not playing tennis.

Question from @adefranciscog:
What does it feel like to be the top ranked German player?

Answer from @AngeliqueKerber:
Being the top ranked German feels great but I’m not thinking about it because there are so many great German players.

Question from @scots_seahawk:
What has changed in your game or attitude these past 12 months to enable you to now be a top 10 player?

Answer from @AngeliqueKerber:
My fitness regimen has improved and I have a great support team around me.

Question from @harmssingh:
What do you feel is the part of your game which needs the most improvement to win Grand Slame titles?

Answer from @AngeliqueKerber:
I want my game to be more consistent and I’m working on my fitness and serve.

Question from @Drew_Bro:
What has been the biggest reason for your rise from out of the top 100 to the top 10? Did you change your game?

Answer from @AngeliqueKerber:
I have a great team around me and have been working on my fitness by running and hitting the gym.

Question from @milosbanan:
Why did you start playing tennis?

Answer from @AngeliqueKerber:
I started playing tennis when I was three because I love the game! My parents inspired me to play.

Question from @Chris91987:
Hi Angelique, of the current top players who do you find the most difficult to play and matchup against?

Answer from @AngeliqueKerber:
There are so many great top players that I can't pick just one.

Question from @WTATennisDE:
Angie, do you think tennis has become more popular in your home country since you played US Open last year ?

Answer from @AngeliqueKerber:


Press Conference after Final against Na Li:



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