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Originally Posted by paul_masterton View Post
Yes but it's only in the past few years top juniors have started looking at college as a real option. That's new. I have no doubt that as the teenage phenomenon continues to be less likely the numbers will increase but it will be 3-5yrs before that happens. If the rules change for dual season, which it doesn't look like, then there is no alternative pathway for the 99.9% who aren't old enough to break through at 18.
Agreed. But the true college season is so short from January to late May, and those kids will continue to do what Gibbs, Will, , Cako and many others do and will keep playing high level ITF And WTA and the US Pro Cicuit in the summers and in some cases the fall.

It's the parents who push the school decision. They have been paying or traveling since age 10 and they see that they aren't ready to go pro at 17 and talk the child into college. Not to mention they want to close the checkbook even if it's just for a few years. A third set in the NCAAs or a 6 game vs 8 game dubs isn't going to stop that inertia in the parents eyes when compared to a Duke Stanford or for the average player any 4 year full ride.

We said the end was near with the 6 month rule change for deciding to go to school and yet everyone adapted and we moved on.

Maybe the same will be true again.
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