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Re: Rule Changes All About Money - TV Money

Originally Posted by USTennisfan View Post
Good thought and may just pan out...but. TV pays more for LIVE college sports... You know why? Because people don't already know the outcome...Too much twitter, instant messaging, Internet etc. Follow the other sports the NCAA are collecting TV revenue off of and they are Live!

Gosh you'd think college tennis is blowing the doors off the current attendance numbers if you follow all of us fanboys. But in reality the live crowds are terrible and the ticket revenue is minuscule in comparison to other sports. So I wish all of you make a real run and fill the stands in support of the current format and bring your friends because again someone is saying it isn't working the way it is now and the revenue stream is dry and that's the bottom line.
If you think college tennis wil translate to television ratings that break even.......well I just don't know what to say other than your comments are not very well thought out.....that much is clear!
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