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Re: Pac 12

Today Krista lost to a younger player Chalena Scholl, 62 06 16.

Krista's mental game didn't improve at all, same pattern with that semifinal against Gibbsy last year. The difference is that Scholl's serve was better than Gibbs', so Krista couldn't quite eat up Scholl's serve, hence the more lopsided score. Scholl didn't dominate like Davis did at ITF RSF this year, just that Krista self-destructed when she couldn't pierce through Scholl's defense. Some major chokes at critical moments too.

Krista's losses, I call it 'Mal syndrome' Just can't seem to win in 3, she's basically a 1st set player(against capable opponents). Is Krista not fit enough? Or is it just purely mental? Won 1st set against Davis, Gibbs, Scholl, and lost in the end.

Also, UCLA can beat STAN if;

1. Get Scholl at all cost

2. UCLA already has good dbls players, and when you add Scholl, the better,definitely can win the dbls point.

3. Match players who have won against the opponents before;

Gibbs vs Anderson
Hardebeck vs Scholl
Tsay vs McPhillips

Ball bashers will fail against Krista since it will just feed her..but match her with the best defensive player, she might self destruct; Lauren Davis, Nicole Gibbs, Chalena Scholl all are excellent defensive players. Lauren actually dominated Krista in service and return game, Nicole schooled Krista with drop shots and slices, Chalena also used slice and drop shot to good effect and moreover served better than Nicole so didn't get hit too many serve return winners like Nicole did

So, already 4 wins. Looks quite possible now.

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