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Re: 2011/12 Aussie ITF circuit

Originally Posted by TS View Post
Hmmm, I always scratched my head at the logistics of the Cairns-Alice-Darwin swing. Just too damn far. Shame to see Mt Gambier go It's been around forever and a real institution for these 25K events! Also, more aesthetically pleasing than Port Pirie. Kalgoorlie's gone too. Bet the players aren't too heartbroken at having to go wine it up at Margaret River instead
Forgive my ignorance but where is Salisbury?
Nice to see Cairns survive. Nice centre court they have there.
Marg River I may go on a holiday down there and watch some of that, definately a better attraction than Kal but harder to get to....
Port Pirie is a shithole....ive heard so many players say they wish they'd move that event to somewhere else...

Originally Posted by TS View Post
So overall, instead of the usual 9 we're down to 7, plus an extra $10K. Still pretty good, but it means less of an inflated rank for some.
Shame, we need more events a 50k to attract some better quality players down here not less events...
Originally Posted by Territory View Post
Cairns, Darwin and Alice Springs might be far apart in distance but each has a very good major airport and they are an easy 2 hour flight apart.
To get to Esperance (for example) players have a 6 hour bus ride from Perth or something stupid like that. And can you get to Mt. Gambier and Port Pirie without a crappy 2-3 hr bus ride/car trip?
Esperance has a wa regional airline so some of them that can afford it can fly from Perth...

again the circuit is stop start 2 events here...break....2 here...break.... bad scheduling..

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