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Re: Womens Tennis in General

Originally Posted by TennisFan66 View Post
By the powers invested in me, I now root for Kimmi

Originally Posted by Protoss View Post
Unless Serena suddenly plays awful, I think she's gonna win the gold.

I think only Kvitova playing at a pretty high level could have potentially stopped her.
Originally Posted by Jimmie48 View Post
Either Vika beats her or Serena wins the gold and vice versa, this SF is the real final for me - Whoever wins this won't have any trouble beating the final opponent.

I think Vika can do it if Serena doesn't hit a absolutely perfect serving day. She was pretty close three weeks ago, she was just way too cautious in the first set and Serena served a bit too perfect but both sets were rather close.

If she can force Serena into rallies she has a chance, there were some absolutely insane rallies against Kerber today.
Originally Posted by DownInAHole View Post
I think Azarenka has a decent shot. Having played Serena recently on grass she should at the very least have a better idea of what she needs to do to win. I'm not saying that I'm picking Azarenka to win, I wouldn't do that to either her or Jimmie48, but she certainly has a chance. It really depends on Serena's serve. If she serves fifteen-twenty aces there's nothing Azarenka can do but if she has less than ten who knows what might happen?
Thanks for the answers.

So, it seems you're not believing too much in Clijsters. You never know with her. She goes from stellar to dreadful frommmatch to match. I'll see what she does today against Sharapova. I'm rooting for the Russian, but I'm ok with Kim as long as she plays near her best. I don't remember if she ever won an Olympic medal?

As for Azarenka, she has the game to beat Serena. But for some reason she always fail, even when she has her in the cables. As DownInAHole said, maybe she'll build from her experience on grass against her.

Anyhow, I don't like Serena but she deserves the Gold. She's just the best player out there. That being said, I'll cheer for her opponents as usual
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