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Originally Posted by its_a_racquet View Post
I'm glad you are only making comments about her based on the W-L stats at MTS. Using your line of thinking, if she had been an assistant at a top-10 program and then stepped-into the head-coach's shoes when they left, she would automatically be a very good coach.
That's not my line of thinking at all. I think an assistant from a top-10 program is a wild card. Hard to know how much they actually did or if they just rode coattails.

I don't think it's that much of a reach to think that if she could not get it done at Middle Tennessee State that a very short time as an assistant at a competitive but not spectacular program is going to make her all of the sudden a good head coach.

I don't know her and I'm sure she's a fine person but she has done nothing in her career that shows she is ready for a potentially big-time job like Ohio State. If she had done well as the head coach at MTSU I would have a completely different opinion, but she did not do well there as an assistant or as a head coach and it's not like she really raised the level for the Buckeyes - in fact OSU did just OK while she was there.

I would have like to see someone that did well as a head coach at a lower level hired and in the absence of any good candidates fitting that description, at least an assistant that has been involved with high-achieving programs. I think OSU women should compete for Big 10 titles just like the men do and you don't go from middle of the pack to conference champs by hiring someone who hasn't outpeformed her resources at any level in coaching. Remeber, MTSU is a little diamond in the rough job - winnable conference and a nice facility!
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